On closing day, do not plan on moving in until about 5:00pm. The transfer of all funds and paperwork is done at the registry office on the actual day. The office is open until 4pm, so your property could close any time up till then. If there is a line-up at the registry office that day, it could very well be the end of the day before the property closes. You cannot move into your new home until the closing is complete. When the property has closed, your lawyer will release the key to you. Keep this in mind when you
arrange for the movers.
Arrange truck rental or movers ASAP: They get booked up rather quickly, so this should be your first priority.
Gas: Call the gas company for your final reading and for the hook up at your new home.
Oil Heating: If your current home is oil heated, you will need to have your tank filled on closing.
Hydro: Call the hydro company for your final reading and hook up at your new home.
Phone: Call to have your phone service cancelled and reinstated in your new home. (obtain an new phone number)
Insurance: Home, auto and life insurance - Contact your broker to change address on all insurance policies. If you have to change bank accounts due to the move, and you pay with automatic debit from your account, be sure to provide new cheques and make your Insurance company aware of the change. You will have to transfer your current property over to your new home. Check with any group insurance providers that you might be affiliated with, you can often save hundreds of dollars (i.e. Alumni
Change of Address Notification: Get a change of address notification form from to your new address for 6 months your local post office (approx. $30) This will forward any mail form your current address
Cable: Call to cancel cable at your current home and transferred to your new home.
Health: Contact the ministry of health and let them know of your change of address. If your health card expires (and they can't inform you by phone or mail) you could be refused health care.
Driver's License: Contact the Ministry of Transportation and request a change of address form or pick one up from your local licensing location.


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