? Select a Lawyer (Tell me who you have chosen).
You will need the services of a lawyer to handle the completion of your sale. Your lawyer will communicate with the buyer's lawyer and ensure the closing takes place in an orderly and timely fashion.
When you list your property, you should let your lawyer know. He or she may wish to review a purchase agreement before you accept it. If that's the case, make sure your Realtor knows this in advance so that this can be co-ordinated.
If you don't already have a lawyer, we can provide you with contact information for GTA -area lawyers who regularly act for sellers in real estate transactions.

? Check for work orders (Check with the City)
? Order survey, if necessary (only if required as part of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale)
? Order fire insurance (if you don't already have it) Contact Gas, Hydro, Water, Property
Management (Condo) (notify them of when you are moving out, and when the new owners take possession)
? Lawyer will prorate any taxes, utilities or rents already paid by the seller
? Arrange closing costs (ie. Moving expense)

Purchase agreements often have provisions for the buyer to have one or more final visitations to the property prior to the closing, in order to verify that the property is in the condition they expected it. These visitations are normally arranged at times that are mutually agreeable to both the buyer and seller.

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