When people come to view your home, there are things you can do to make it more appealing and welcoming. There is nothing like walking into a well put together home to make Buyers see themselves owning it!

Create a Buying Mood...
Turn on all the lights
Open the drapes in daytime
Play quiet music, try jazz or classical
Remove or restrain your pets
Arrange to be absent during showings

Make Your House Accessible...
Easier to show the better, make it as available as possible
Putting a Lockbox on to allow access when you are not there
Post signs up to highlight information you want Buyers to see
Leave feature sheets for Buyers to take with them


It's your home, it's your possessions, it's your security... how do you protect it when you are trying to sell your house and people are always coming and going? By following just a few simple steps, you are taking a proactive approach to the safety of you and your home during the selling process.

? Pack and store any valuables that you do not need out.
? Ensure any other electronics or valuables are stored out of sight.
? Do not leave jewelry, laptops, cash, credit cards or cell phones in the open.
? Put personal documents such as passports away.
? Put all personal papers away with any banking or SIN information.
? Remember, Buyers look in closets, cupboards and drawers, don’t leave anything valuable there either.
? Never let someone in to see your home without an appointment and that includes Realtors.
? If someone has an appointment but shows up without their Realtor, do not let them in.
? A Realtor should always offer their card if they are showing your home with you there.
? Sharing the code for the Lockbox or writing it down is only putting you at risk.

Have you made sure your home is as protected and secure as it can be before allowing people to view your home? Have you already done all that you can to make your House more Saleable?


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