I strongly encourage you to ask as many questions as you need until you are sure you completely understood  the basic elements of the offer ( price, deposit, Irrevocable Date, Terms, Conditions)  and that the offer met your requirements before you decide to move forward with the Real Estate Transaction. I am here to help you!

The first offer is usually the best.
Standard Agreement of Purchase and Sale form from the Toronto Real Estate Board will be used
Best situation is multiple offers
Matrimonial Home - both spouses must sign any agreements
It is important to review offer at the earliest convenient time
Best to have Purchaser close by and offers are usually conditional upon inspection and finance
Buyers usually asks owner for survey

Always sick Legal Advice when you  Engage in an offer

Your Options

 Counter Offer - outlines what the seller is willing to accept


The negotiation process can be done in few hours or sometimes few weeks. It all depends on how flexible the parties are and how motivated the parties seller/buyer are to seal de deal. often times the Negotiation process can be very sensitive and its strongly advisable to engage proffessional advisors during this process like an  Experienced Real Estate Agent and/or a Lawyer. We do not want to be in the situation of saying the wrong word in the wrong place as it can cost you high amounts of dollars. 

What you get when You decide to work with Me:
  • Local Knowledge- I’m actively and consistently working  in your Neighbourhood
  • Professional Service- I have extensive years of Negotiation, Sales & Marketing Experience
  • Financial Savings- I can save you money if you Buy and Sell with me
  • Integrity and Honesty- I deal with you in an honest and open manner- no gimmicks or hassles
  • Fact & Market based information- I provide you with proper information to help you make informed decisions
  • No Stress, No Pressure: I work on Your timeline

Real Estate is about people and Daniela's goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction! Daniela looks forward to assisting you with your real estate goals.

"We listen more than we talk!"